Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Saving Money with Amazon Local #atozchallenge

So I felt like I cheated on the A to Z Challenge a little with the, "A," A Little About me before, by not writing about the theme that I planned to keep.  So, I guess this is an A to Z Challenge BONUS Post! Who doesn't like bonuses?  I know I do!  So, I would like to share how I save money with Amazon Local.  

Amazon Local, is Amazon's Daily Deal site.  They will offer a Deal at a discount; sometimes up to 75% off!  

I purchased an Amazon Local Deal yesterday.  If you watch your email, you may be one of the lucky ones who received a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase.  I received one and used it for a local all day Arcade pass for 2. My girls are on Spring Break, any guesses what we will be doing when it rains later this week?  I used my coupon and got my deal for free, but even at $10, that would have been a great deal for all day passes and unlimited game play.  
They have restaurant deals, entertainment, shopping, beauty and travel deals. I have used deals to get my hair cut.  Instead of paying $65 at the salon, I purchased a deal for $25, printed my voucher and made my appointment. I redeem the voucher at the salon, and leave a tip.  For my $25 service, I received a wash, cut, blow dry, style and eyebrow wax.  Anyone familiar with salon prices knows what a deal that is!  

Another way I save money with Amazon Local, is to search for deals in places that i will be visiting. I will be going to Houston at the end of May.  I have already started watching for restaurant deals and attraction tickets at a discount.  

I am forever telling my kids, "The more we save on what we need, the more we can spend on what we want."  But if I can save money on both what we need and what we want, then I am all in.  

Check out Amazon Local.  You may find your favorite restaurant, or a brand new one to try.  Whatever you find, it will definitely be discounted!

Have you ever used a Deal site to save money?  

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