Friday, October 23, 2015

Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

No Carving Required! 

Are you like me and have your Pumpkin, or Pumpkins, but they are still in their natural state? Halloween is right around the corner, and we have yet to decorate ours! So with time running out, we need some Pumpkin decorating ideas that won't take a long time and also get us super messy. So here are 9 ways to decorate, with no carving required!

Mod Podge Rocks Blog - Duck Tape Halloween Pumpkin
Meaningful Mama - Pumpkin Decorating Idea for Kids
Artsy Momma - Painted Halloween Pumpkins
Empress of Dirt - Asparagus Pumpkin Head
Meaningful Mama - Two toned Polka Dot Pumpkins
Family Fun Journal - Painted Pumpkins
The Gardening Cook - DIY Sunflower Pumpkin
Club Chica Circle - Neon Painted Pumpkin Mustache Monsters
Meaningful Mama - Sesame Street Pumpkins

I am in love with the Sunflower Pumpkin! 
Do you have a favorite? Tell me about it!

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