Monday, June 8, 2015

Summertime Essential: Pest Sentry Indoor Bug Zapper Review

 Ahhh Summer... Late nights,Cool Breezes, S'mores, Swimming Pools, Ice Cream Trucks and Bugs!? Yeah, nothing like enjoying the summer, and then the flying bugs come to visit. Flies, mosquitos and moths, OH MY! 

Want a solution to those uninvited flying guests? Checkout the Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper from Pest Sentry. It is the ultimate mosquito and flying creepy things killer. 

It emits a blue light on all four sides that attracts the 
bugs and then... ZAP! Bugs drop onto the removable tray that sits under the lights. With an updated, sleek design, the 

 The Safe, No Fuss Fly Trap! - For Home and Commercial Use

The insect trap can be positioned free standing on any flat surface or hung using the stainless steel hang chain (included). 2 x high quality UV bulbs attract bugs which are instantly eliminated upon contact with the high voltage metal grids positioned behind the bulbs. Once zapped, bugs fall to the removable collection tray.

The electronic insect trap is completely safe around people and pets. Fully CE, RoHS and GS certified.

The collection tray is very easy to remove and clean. Any bugs left in the electric grid can be quickly removed with the included cleaning brush. The insulated outer enclosure is made of aluminium alloy which is durable, corrosion proof, scratch proof, oil proof and easy to clean.

✮ Homes
✮ Offices
✮ Garages
✮ Restaurants
✮ Shops
✮ Hotels
✮ Hospitals.... and more


Let us assume all the risk! After 30 days, if you're not completely satisfied with your insect killer, simply return it for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked!

The #1 Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper works great! I was very excited to try it out, because I love to leave my windows and doors open, but I hate the flies and moths and weird flying creepy things that invite themselves inside. It turns out that the Indoor Bug Zapper is a great solution for my problem. It arrived timely and it was easy to attach the chain. I decided where to put it, plugged it in and we were ready to go. Less than a minute later, the carnage began! The zap is a little loud at first, and startled us, but we quickly got used to it. I am not sure why, but some flies really get to smoking in there! The light attracts the bugs and zaps them. They fall down and into the little tray that is easy to clean out. If you like to leave the door open during the day or in the evening and have any problems with flies, gnats, moths or any other flying insects, the #1 Electronic Bug Zapper is definitely for you! I highly recommend it! 


Then the Bug Zapper by Pest Sentry is the solution that you are looking for!

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