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How to Make a Potpourri Heart for Valentine's Day

Make a Potpourri Heart for Valentine's Day

I find there is no better way to show my love than with something homemade! Potpourri adds such a sweet smelling, decorative touch to any home. It’s even better when you can use potpourri to make a decorative heart to express your love for someone on Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year. Here’s how to make a quick and easy potpourri heart. Fun and easy project to do with the kiddos! Happy Valentine's Day! 

How to Make a Potpourri Heart for Valentine's Day at The Coupon Chronicles

Supplies needed

A mixing bowl dedicated to crafts
Cooking spray
An old spoon for stirring
Potpourri of your choice
White craft glue
Metal cookie cutter in the shape of a heart
Glitter (optional)
Ribbon (optional)


Step 1 - Assembly your supplies
You probably already have the mixing bowl, old spoon, newspaper and cooking spray. You should be able to buy the potpourri, white craft glue, and metal cookie cutter at your local craft store.

Step 2 - Prepare your potpourri
Fill a measuring cup full of potpourri and pour it into your mixing bowl. Slowly start adding craft glue to the potpourri while stirring to thoroughly mix the two components. It may take up to 1/3 of a cup of glue to thoroughly coat the potpourri. You’ll want the potpourri and glue to be well mixed with no clumps of glue visible. Although the glue will appear white at first, it’ll dry clear. You can also add glitter to your mixture in this step.

Step 3 - Prepare your cookie cutter
Spray the inside of your heart shaped cookie cutter with cooking spray. Allow the cooking spray to dry before proceeding.

Step 4 - Fill the cookie cutter
Lay your cookie cutter on a sheet of newspaper. Use your hands to carefully fill the inside of the cookie cutter with your potpourri/glue mixture. Be sure the cookie cutter is completely packed with potpourri. Allow the potpourri/glue mixture to dry in the cookie cutter for ten to fifteen minutes. Be careful not to leave the potpourri in the cookie cutter longer as it could be difficult to remove.

Step 5 - Carefully remove the cookie cutter
If desired, poke a hole and thread your ribbon through your heart to hang.

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