Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where Were You 13 Years Ago?

Like so manothers, I remember exactly what I was doing that day, 13 years ago. That week was my first full week off of work for maternity leave. My first child was due in one week, and I was flipping channels on the morning shows as my husband was getting ready to gout of town for a week of training at a new job. He was running a little late and was anxious to get on the road, but stopped and watched for a minute and told me it was no accident. As I continued twatch the breaking news of the first plane hitting the tower, the anchors were reporting it was a small commuter plane. Matt Lauer was interviewing a lady who was contradicting that, saying it wasn't a small plane, and he told her that she must be mistaken. Watching live, the second plane flew into the second tower, and it seemed like all hell had broken loose. The reporters were no longer arguing what size plane it was, and were no longer speculating that it must have been an accident. In that moment, it was obvious that America was under attack. 

I clearly remember all the misinformation that was being reported. Car bombs in D.C. and such. Panic ensued, and then the Pentagon was hit as well. Planes were missing. The flight down in Pennsylvania. The images were heart wrenching and heartbreaking. It was incredible, and I couldn't take my eyes off of the television. I, along with so many other millions of Americans, was scared, and shaken to my core.  

My husband left me to go to work, but not before calling my family to make sure they would check in on me. I couldn't stop crying as I watched. And I couldn't stop watching as I cried. I was awake for more than 24 hours, nonstop watching the events unfold. My Mother, who lived 800 miles away, finally convinced me to turn the TV off, because being so upset wasn't good for the baby. 

When I finally closed my eyes to sleep, the images stayed with me in my dreams. 

Thirteen years later, I can still see those images clearly in my mind. Desperate people jumping from burning buildings. New Yorkers running away from the smoke and debris. The chaos and panic surrounding the Pentagon. The tragic image of the hole in the earth in Pennsylvania. 

The events of September 11, 2001 touched us all. Each life that was stolen, left behind a memory and a legacy to carry - and for those who carry them, life was changed forever that fateful morning.

Take this day in remembrance, not only of what was lost, but also in celebration of everything that we have in our lives. The families and friends of the victims from that terrible day would give anything to spend one more minute with their loved ones, and I encourage you to go out and live today to the fullest that you can.

None of us will ever forget those who lost their lives, or those who gave their lives in the hope of saving another. 

I was inspired to write this by one of the affiliate companies that I work with, Shareasale. I used their picture above, paraphrased and outright used some of their words here. Today, all fees that they collect will be donated to the International Relief Fund, managed by the Red Cross. Donations to this fund go towards helping the Red Cross assist and aid in tragedies that occur all over the world, and you can add your donation by visiting the Red Cross here.  

Where were you thirteen years ago?

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