Monday, August 18, 2014

Free Printable Kid Conversation Starters

Free Printable Kid Conversation Starters

I know with our busy lives; work, school, Girl Scouts, soccer, archery, etc., etc., etc., it can be hard to find a moment for us to talk and simply hold a quality conversation with each other.  It can also be  frustrating when trying to open those lines of communication. 

Conversation builds relationships and open the doors to understanding what your kids are thinking. Speaking with them and listening to them lets them know you are interested, that you care what they have to say and what they think and say is important.  I believe that if I don't make a habit of listening to what they have to say today, one day all too soon, they won't care to try to talk to me when it really matters. 

Meaningful conversations don't always just happen, and sometimes prompting is required, so I created these Free Printable Kid Conversation Starters to help make family dinners, drive time in the car, bed time or anytime, special for your family. My hope is that this tool will increase your families communication and better your families relationships. 

So if you are looking for a way to engage your kids, or even your Girl Scout Troop, Classroom, or Youth Groups in conversation, please enjoy these Kid Conversation Starters. Use them for a fun activity that will get everyone talking. 

Print your copy HERE. 

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