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Sky1 - Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Review + Giveaway

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A little about SKY 1 Foundation by William Amerman:

Nick Burke has been allotted 389 square feet of living space by the government. Disease spreads quickly when people are packed together so tightly. Quarantines are regularly imposed in an effort to contain the spread of infection. Lately, though, rumors are spreading that quarantines on some Grounds are not being lifted.

When a quarantine is imposed on Nick's Ground, he and his family are trapped. The only way out is to break laws that carry a penalty of death. Fearing for his life and the safety of his family, Nick joins forces with a local group to move to another Ground. But can he trust his new friends?

Seven hundred years ago, a city walled itself off from the rest of the world. Decades after first containment, the city expanded upwards, becoming a world unto itself. The population of this city-world has now boomed to over eighty million people, but the history of why the world was built and what lies outside has been lost to the citizens. Eventually, the series will deal with how the world was built, what (and who) lives outside the containment walls and what environmental changes are about to bring a very nasty surprise. Even though it is set in the future, this first book is intended to be a straight-forward thriller, a page-turner that allows me to set up the rest of the series.

I truly enjoyed this book!  I enjoy a good read, and already future, post apocalyptic or dystopian future-ish is right up my alley. Partner that with great character development, characters that I get to know, people that I can identify with, and that I can care about, and I am hooked. 

Sky 1 jumped around a little for me at first, I had to go back and reread a bit of the first few chapters, as I was confused. It feels a little LOST-esque with jumping around different characters, flash backs and flash forwards between times. If you know me at all, LOST was by far my favorite TV show EVAHHHH, so I am totally OK with this, it just took me a minute to wrap my head around getting everything straight. Once I got there, characters and events really began to connect for me.

There is a lot going on. It does take some concentration to keep up, and all of a sudden it is like **BAM** and everything really connects.  I LOVE THAT(!!!!)

I like a book that doesn't explain it all, but rather makes me work for it just a bit. It is not as straightforward and adding 2+2 equals 4, but in a roundabout way it takes you there; more like 2X10-4X4=4, get it? It takes a minute to connect and doesn't spell it all out for you like some novels will do. Sometimes I think of it as dumb-ing it down for me, because the author thought maybe I wouldn't get it otherwise.  

Another thing I likes is although this is set in the future, 2769 to be exact, but it is not overly sci-fi and techy. Of course being set that far in the future there is some tech, sci-fi type of stuff, but nothing that I couldn't easily understand, or wasn't explained so I could get it. And explained seamlessly, not like a lecture where I had to learn all about it for my pop quiz later this week.

So all in all, I really enjoyed Sky 1 Foundation, and found the author, William Amerman, to be a genuinely talented writer.  

Now go get this book! One Lucky Reader will win a copy, so enter below for your chance!  And if you can't wait, or you are not the lucky chosen one, it is on Amazon here.  Enjoy!!

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